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Made in Israel – Pure Silver
Symbolic Jewelry created all in the Spirit of the Kabbalah


About YOYO32


„YOYO32“ ins a registered brand and recognized trendy line of symbolic jewellery hand made in the atelier of the creator Yorini.

In the holy language of Jerusalem the significance of the number 32 is a powerful number representing the “32 avenues of wisdom” in which the whole world is operating on. The numerical value of YOYO in Hebrew letters is also 32.


The sales success of “YOYO32”, is believed by many to be due, apart from its inherent beauty, also to Yorini´s magnetic personality, which transcends through his creations into the realm of mysticism and positively charged energies, which in turn may have soothing and beneficial efforts on the wearers, inter-related also with the hand carved kabala inscriptions.


Yorini was born in 1960 in the holy land, and studied art in Jerusalem and in London at the “Inchbald School of Design”. He is also a painter, actor, writer, designer, journalist, sculptor and master of the art of illusion who exhibited in Tel Aviv, Basel, London, Frankfurt, Monte-Carlo and many of his works are presently in private collections throughout Europe and U.S.A.


His passion and love for symbolic jewellery as well as his unique creativity are believed to be the result of his multi-faced artistic experiences and his belief in the unlimited creative of the human mind and soul.


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YOYO32 (SuGoBo)