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Made in Israel – Pure Silver
Symbolic Jewelry created all in the Spirit of the Kabbalah


Letters and numbers



The Hebrew word meaning “tradition” or “received knowledge”, “the hidden wisdom”.


The number “5”:

“Hamsa”, a protection from all evil (“Ain Hara” – evil eye). Same meaning in arabic and Hebrew.


Shema Israel (SI):

“Hear me, answer my prayers”. A powerful combination of Hebrew words from the TORAH, for unity of soul and body, wholeness of all facets of existence. The number “951”: The numerical value of Shema Israel.


Magen David:

The Jewish star of David – a spiritual shield to the physical world.


The Hebrew letter “Shin”:

Constructed from three lines sitting on a firm base, according to the knowledge of Kabbalah these three lines represent the three forces of life – Giving (right), Receiving (left) and the balance between them (center). This letter starts the words Shalom (peace), Shalva (serenity), Shlemut (wholeness) and Simcha (joy).


The crown:

The crown of Toraha is the force of new beginnings, a starting point for new energy. According to Kabbalah it represents the root of light in this world.


“Abbra kadabra” (No. 14 + 15):

I will create, what I speak.


“Love thy neighbor, as thyself” (No. 6 + 8):

Unconditional kindness.


Holy names:

A.L.D. – protection from the evil eye.

H.H.A. – awakening the power of unconditional love.

M.H.S. – awakening the power of true health.

S.A.L. – good for financial betterment.

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